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These sounds are related to the paper Reviewing the definition of timbre as it pertains to the perception of speech and musical sound - ISH 2009 to be presented in Salamanca at ISH 2009.

Each sound is presented with its equivalent musical notation. The black note-heads describe the pitch, 'i.e.' the acoustic scale of the fine structure Ss. The grey note-heads describe the acoustic scale of the envelope Sf.

Melody 1

Download ISH09_PWMG_Melody_1.wav [620.20 kB]

ISH09 PWMG Melody 1.eps



Melody 2

Download ISH09_PWMG_Melody_2.wav [620.20 kB]

ISH09 PWMG Melody 2.eps



Melody 3

Download ISH09_PWMG_Melody_3.wav [620.20 kB]

ISH09 PWMG Melody 3.eps



Melody 4

Download ISH09_PWMG_Melody_4.wav [620.20 kB]

ISH09 PWMG Melody 4.eps
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